About MADINT & 990's

Making A Difference Inc. was chartered by the State of Ohio on June 5, 2000 as public organization. Effective the same date, the IRS approved Making A Difference Inc. as a 501C3 tax exempt public charity under Federal income tax section 501(c)(3). Please see our exemption letter. Also, please see our 2009 IRS Form 990 and 2007 IRS Form 990.

As a result of our 2010 strategic plan revision,  our domain name was changed to reflect a global mission:www.makingadifferenceinternational.org. Effective August 19, 2010, we  received State of Ohio approval to change our name to Making A Difference International. The name change was submitted to the IRS on August 20th, 2010 and the official records at the IRS will reflect this name change within 45 days. Donations can be accepted under either name. We have been certified in the State of North Carolina on Oct. 20th, 2010.

Our first project was the Faith-Based Male Responsibility Mentoring Program supported by Montgomery County funds awarded to the Greater Dayton Christian Connections and further awarded to MADI. 

MADI was also a recipient of the Riverside Youth Investment project for counseling and case management support of youth from Appalachian backgrounds. 

After 911, funding dried up for these projects and we are back to our vision of being viewed as a center where faith based and secular capacity building assets comfortably meet to improve the community in a holistic way.

The hopeful result - innercity poverty will be eliminated.

Here are two earlier visions shown though separate 1998 and 2003 presentations given to Dayton leaders, activist, and citizens. Common to both is the link between Welfare Reform (poverty reduction/elimination), self-sufficiency, capacity building, and Making A Difference's interest in each.  This linkage of the past is evident today in our vision. These older presentations are also helping shape our strategic plan which is now under development:

1998 Presentation

2003 Presentation

Organizational Chart

2010 Strategic Plan - under construction