Volunteer Info


If you connect with this vision, want to volunteer your expertise to our movement, let us know you want to help. 

It does not matter where you live.  We will do much of our work through the web. Many of our Volunteer Expert Teams (VETS) will be virtual as well "on the ground teams" in cities. 

Example, a team in Dayton, Oh may have a web hosting volunteer in Hawaii, an organizational management consultant in Japan, a strategic planning expert in India, etc.

Volunteering can improve an organization's bottom line. Click here to see study.

** Denotes expertise needed now:

1. Consultant Team Facilitators

2. Volunteer coordinators
3. **Research and marketing specialist

4. **Web site developer

5. Public Relations specialist

6. Survey instrument specialist

7. **Webinar specialist

8. Information/technology specialist

9. Training specialist

10. **Grant and fund identification specialist

11. **Clerical

12. Administrative 

13. Nonprofit industry specialist

14. Poverty elimination specialist

15. **Strategic Planners

16. Operations specialists

17. **Copywriters.

Feel free to call us or you may go to making-a-difference-international-volunteers@googlegroups.com and make comment there.  

The call is free.  Let us know how you would like to help.  Let us know your passion and your talent you would like us to use in our movement.

Please call our 24 hour call line and share the talent you wish to use and the city you wish to volunteer in. Input your call back number and we will call you momentarily. Your number will not be shared with anyone.

A message for Christian Volunteers - Why the word "Christian" is not positive to some people (Southbrook Christian Church Sermon 9-11-10).