Best Practices Assessments

In order to get a complete strategic assessment of the stakeholders', boards', CEO/Executive Director/Pastors', Managers', and employees' perception of performance in critical areas, we conduct an optional web based survey. The results reveal organization wide performance perceptions among 35 key best practice areas related to organizational strategy, organizational design, and  organizational culture. 

Each assessment takes 20 to 30 minutes on-line for employees and board/management, respectively. Results provide organizational alignment and gaps. Used to develop strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), the assessments involve all organizational levels, and help secure organization wide engagement in action plan implementation and accountability. The value: less intrusive time mining data, more timely results, and report formats which succinctly provide information needed for a sound strategic plan.

Here are some sample reports:

Nonprofit Board - Management  assessment

Nonprofit CEO assessment

Nonprofit Management assessment

Nonprofit Employee assessment

360 degree Nonprofit leadership assessment

Small Nonprofit or departmental climate assessment

Board Governance assessment

Ministry Board - Pastor assessment

Ministry Board - Management assessment 

Pastor - Management assessment

Ministry Management - Employee assessment

Small Ministry Climate assessment

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