Capacity Building

Capacity building is defined simply as "actions that improve nonprofit effectiveness" (Blumenthal, Barbara. Investing in Capacity Building).

Foundations and granting organizations are looking for organizations which are implementing the best practices of highly effective organizations who can do more with less. MADI endeavors to bring the expertise required to accomplish this strategic necessity to the innercity nonprofits focused on invonuntary poverty elimination and increasing self-sufficiency.

Below are studies to help those interested in learning more about these best practices capacity building concepts.

1. Capacity Building (Nonprofit)

2. Effective Capacity Building in Nonprofit Organizations

Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and
 Mobilizing a Community's Assets

Discovering Community Power: A Guide To Mobilizing Local Assets And Your Organization’s Capacity

A Guide to Building Sustainable Organizations from the Inside Out

An Organizational Capacity-Building Toolbox From The Chicago Foundation For Women

A Guide to Mapping Local Business Assets and Mobilizing Local Business Capacities

8. Capacity Building and The National Infrastructure to Support It

9. Capacity Building - Beware of the Easy Fix

10. President Obama's 2010 FY Nonprofit Budget