Our intent is to spur volunteerism any way we can to help citizens reach higher levels of self-sufficiency and to eliminate poverty.  We chose these as goals because they are measurable, achievable (see below video) and so many nonprofits, directly or indirectly, work towards these same goals. Common goals unite teams and the synergy associated with teams working towards common goals while employing best practices concepts, yield higher output and impact with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Therefore, MADINT's task is simple to comprehend - bring together volunteer best practices consulting talent to help these inner-city nonprofits get the capacity building expertise needed to have greater impact on the goals of poverty elimination and the increase of citizens' self-sufficiency, moving many from an entitlement existence to one of contributing taxpayers.

In November 2010, Wittenberg University's Business department's WITT CAM Student Business Consulting Group, selected Making A Difference International (MADINT) as one of six companies/organizations to receive a full semester of strategic organizational management assistance in development of its strategic plan, web site, and marketing materials. (30 organizations/companies submitted applications). The WITT CAM business consulting team will receive hands on, real world experience in building an organization's capacity as well as 4.0 hours credit for their involvement.  MADINT is excited to have these creative scholars working with our team and clients.

The well-recognized Wittenberg Center for Applied Management (WittCAM) offers alternative coursework to upper-level students who are focused in business. Rather than a classroom-based course, WittCAM provides students with the opportunity to act as business consultants. Students have the choice of opportunities: Small Business Institute, WittConsultants, Management Internship, and Creative Advertising Partnership.

eview video on eliminating poverty


Sometimes music can help us move out of poverty - if only for a moment (music/video)

See a video message about Making A Difference from Max Lucado

Feel free to view or print our MADI brochure and the MyStrategicPlan Brochure which help explain our team approach to strategic planning, implementation, accountability, and  the institutionalization of the strategic planning process itself.